This prestigious platform allows all participants to gain valuable experience prior to competing at the Kung Fu Wushu State, National, International and ultimately a clear pathway to the IWUF World Championships.

SANDA is slowly but surely ticking all the boxes on the road to Olympic inclusion!

There will be many opportunities ahead for all with an interest in, competing, officiating, training, event staff positions and so on!



Sanda /Sanda-free fighting or hand to hand combat, self defence and combat system, not a style itself but the use of martial applications.

The rules of Sanda allow for a wide array of full contact punching, kicking, takedowns and throws derived from the traditional application. Finishing hold (chokes, arm locks etc.) have been excluded from the rules which forces the fight to continue at a fast pace.

Sanda addresses the three ranges of fighting:- kicking, punching and grappling which adds great realism to the sport. A fighter can win by a knockout or by points; points are also awarded for the techniques according to effectiveness. In a tournament, there are 2 rounds of 2 minutes each, plus a third round in case of even score.

Forcing the opponent off the platform is also a major technique of Sanda. It is a mistake to think of Sanda as just Kick Boxing because the strategies of Sanda are very different. Sanda is part of Wushu and is practiced in over 120 Countries around the world.

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Sanda: Free Fighting - Hand to Hand Combat

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